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Janet Whitter

Janet Whitter was born in Japan in 1937, the second of the three daughters of an English engineer father and an American musician mother. Her mother, also born in Japan came from an extended family of missionaries whose service over 60 years & three generations added up to 503 years. Although American of British stock, Janet's bi-lingual mother, like her brothers, sisters and cousins, regarded Japan as her permanent home, since her personal experience of the western world amounted to little more than college years in the USA and a month's visit to England with her new husband on their round-the-world trip in 1935.

Janet Whitter

Janet's childhood during the war and immediately post-war, was eventful. During this period she was a refugee, was evacuated, made sea journeys amounting to one and a half times round the world, and attended ten wildly differing schools in six different countries spread over four continents. Her arrival in postwar austerity Britain in 1949 at the age of 11 began an acquaintance with what seemed to her at the time the strangest of all the countries in which she had ever tried to settle. Her integration into life in her new home, Barrow-in-Furness, was not made easier by the traumatised relationship between two parents who had each not only suffered greatly during the war but who truly knew next to nothing about each other's very different background.

Her adult life, starting with studies in Modern Languages at Oxford, then marriage, three sons, a career in teaching, and twenty two years of living in France are by contrast relatively humdrum and only of interest to family and friends.

Janet is now preparing for publication an illustrated book-length memoir concerning her early years. The text is available on disc and has been printed privately but has not as yet been reviewed or publicised.